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About the course creator(s)

Civil Self Study is created by a team of experts from Rau’s IAS Study Circle with collective 50 years of experience in helping IAS aspirants ace the UPSC exam.

About The Course

Simplify Your IAS Preparation” is a free course, delivered via email, that start with teaching you the basics of UPSC examination and then moves into finer aspects of preparation.

With this course, you’ll learn something new about IAS Test Prep. The course will help all those who are planning to take the test soon, whether preparing on your own or through a coaching/completed your coaching/appeared in Prelims/appeared in Mains/ faced interview/got a lower rank or working in a full time job.

You will receive total 8 emails over a period of 6 weeks. Here are details:

Email 1:

Get on with Civil Services Exam through the unique C3 approach. [Week 1]

Email 2:

Polity & Governance [Week 1]

Email 3:

Economic & Social Development [Week 2]

Email 4:

General Science & Technology [Week 2]

Email 5:

Economic Survey & Union Budget 2017 [Week 3]

Email 6:

Geography, Environment, Ecology & Biodiversity [Week 4]

Email 7:

History & Culture [Week 5]

Email 8:

Continuous focused learning through C³ approach till you get success. [Week 6]

Course Starts Soon!
Join above to make sure that you don’t miss.